What is Experiential Recovery?

What is
Experiential Recovery?

Experiential Recovery works when other things fail

Alcoholics and addicts don’t listen to lectures.   In early recovery, most therapy sessions (either group or individual) become a lecture by the therapist.   The alcoholic or addict may look like they are listening.   They might be able to take a test after the lecture and pass the test.   But for an alcoholic or addict, information from lectures doesn’t go deep.   And lectures don’t get anyone clean and sober.   If they did, your loved one would already be clean and sober.   He (or she) has been getting lectures for years.


Experiential Recovery involves actions, movements, and activities.   It encourages clients to identify and address hidden or subconscious issues through a range of other active experiences.   Clients tend to focus on the activity at hand and drop the guards they have built over their lives that have been blocking recovery and causing relapse.   Relapse is a symptom.   Alcoholics and addicts have deeper problems.   Experiential Recovery goes deep.   Clients using experiential recovery welcome the honesty required to get to the real and deeper problems.


You are probably aware of the success that Experiential Therapy is enjoying.   Experiential Recovery allows alcoholics and addicts to immerse themselves in their recovery plan with all the intensity they can find.   Experiential Recovery can be fun.   Your loved-one will enjoy the “experience” of being in recovery.   If they don’t enjoy recovery, they will drink or use again.


Friends and relatives of alcoholics and addicts believe that their loved-ones need the proper information.   They believe that a lecture is an efficient way to transmit that information.   So they usually try a lecture oriented treatment center first (“Plan A”).   Insurance companies like to reimburse lectures.   Lectures just don’t work for alcoholics and addicts.   Lectures definitely fail for alcoholics and addicts in early recovery.


“Plan A” (lectures) has not worked in the past.   It will not work in the future.   It may actually be making things worse by hardening the alcoholic or addict.


It is time to try “Plan B”: Experiential Recovery.


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  7. In comparison of other countries, treatment in India is less expensive. We can learn from this from the United States.

  8. You really make it seem so easy. I find alcoholism and addiction very complicated and extremely difficult to understand!

  9. Hello, This definitely agrees with everything I have done in the field. I have not found anything that works as well as experiential therapy.

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